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Website Project (9CP)

Congratulations to the winning groups! Take a few minutes and look over everyone's work. There was some tough competition!

The Hunger Games
Site 2 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Alex Curreri, Alanna Garston, Jake Jesi, and Conor McGann)

13 Reasons Why
Site 8 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Sarah Katz, Olivia Reardon, Sadie Ferreira, and Kate Carlson)

Nineteen Minutes
Site 4 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Kayla Hardy, Lauren Veo, Michaella Casey, and Rachel Howell)

11 Seconds
Site 3 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Jason Begley, Derek Michaud, Ben Rosenbaum, and Jake Esposito)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Site 2 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Anjhelina Marsh and Lorenzo Puopolo)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Site 2 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Jalen Aho, Jared Brann, and Jonathan Tonthat)

The Book Thief and The Five People You Meet in Heaven (combined category)
Site 2 WINNING SITE! (Congrats to Dylan Zernich and Haley O'Hara)