In-Class Debate: The Lovely Bones
Date: Wednesday, 12/16/09
We will be having an in-class debate on the following topic:
Should The Lovely Bones be taught in high school?
Side 1: Yes, the book should be taught.
Side 2: No, the book should not be taught.
The debate will be broken down into the following sub-topics:
1. Censorship of books in general
2. Banning the novel from high school curriculum
  • 5 quotes from the novel to support your claims
  • 1-2 outside sources from the Internet to support your claims
  • Anything extra to support your side of the argument
For an "A":
  • Your participation in the debate will count as a quiz grade
  • Participate multiple times in the debate
  • Participate effectively in the discussion (i.e. use evidence from novel/Internet, make intelligent claims)
  • Raise your hand to participate
  • Avoid attacking others in the debate
  • No notes/research = maximum grade of 70%