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Descriptive Essay Assignment (Rubric)

Needs Improvement



more than 6 errors
5-6 errors
3-4 errors
1-2 small errors
Paper does not use paragraphs

Paper reads as stream of consciousness
No real use of paragraphs to break up ideas

Does not show much planning for flow of ideas
1 area needs improvement
Logical use of paragraphs

ideas flow from one to another
Five Senses
More than one sense missing or incomplete. Inadequate description.
One sense not addressed fully.
All senses addressed, though there could be more description.
All 5 senses addressed fully and in detail. Good image of the topic.
Not many attempts at advanced vocabulary. Many short or simplistic sentences.
Some attempts at advanced vocabulary. Some choppy or simplistic sentences.
Well-written. Many examples of advanced vocabulary and sentence structure.
Extremely well written. Advanced vocabulary and sentence structure