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Lit & Cinema

Period 2: Semester II

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Class Handouts and Resources (Innocence to Experience)

The Lanyard: Billy Collins

Journal Ideas - Stand by Me
You do not have to select one of these options, but if you are stuck on a topic, you may want to consider one of these prompts.
  • What is the purpose of including Gordy's story about the pie-eating contest? How does it connect to the rest of the movie?
  • Why are the boys so fixated on finding Ray Brower? Why does it interest them so much?
  • What is the significance of the repeated image of the train? They literally run from it at one point. What else are they running from?
  • Who is the best friend out of the group of boys?
  • What is the purpose of including Ace and his gang of older boys?
  • What archetypes do you see in the film?
  • What connections to the motif of "innocence to experience" do you see in the film? What is the message about this motif?