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Share a Folder

On this page, you will learn how to:
  • create a folder in Google Docs for English class
  • share the folder with me
  • submit documents in Google Docs
The first step you will need to take before submitting any assignments through Google Docs is to create a folder for English. This will allow you to simply drag your assignments into the folder and they will automatically be shared with me. Also, it will keep your work organized, especially if you use Google Docs for other classes.

Save format for your English folder

Creating Your English Folder in Google Docs


This year you will submit many of your English assignments through Google Docs. In order to do this, you must create and share a folder with me. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


1.     Login to your Masco Google account (__________@mrsdmail.org)

2.     Go to “Drive” (top of your screen)

3.     Click “create “ (red button on the left) and pull down to “folder”

4.     You will need to save the folder correctly – Very important!

·      Save format:

·      Class Period Last name First name English 10CP or H

·      Example: 1 Jones Michael English 10H

5.     Now you need to SHARE the folder with me. You will see your folders listed on the left of your screen.

·      Right click (Control – Click for Macs) on the folder

·      Pull down to “share”

·      Under “invite people” enter my email: finnegan.masco@gmail.com

·      Make sure it says “can edit” next to this box

·      Click “share and save”

·      You’re done!

6.     Now, whenever you put work in your folder, I will automatically have a copy. That is all you will need to do in order to submit work.


Any problems? Feel free to email me with questions