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Google Docs Basics

The following instructions will help you...
  • set up a Masco Google account
  • create a folder for English
  • share the folder with Ms. Finnegan
  • create a new document, save it correctly, and put it in your English folder

Register for a Masco Google Apps Account

  1. Open Google Chrome (DO NOT use Internet Explorer)
  2. Go to www.google.com
  3. Click
  4. Next to “email”, type in the login you use to sign in to the Masco computers
    1. Do NOT type @masconomet.org. This is no longer the correct ending to your email address.
    2. The NEW email address should be ____________@mrsdmail.org
    3. Example: jmsmith@mrsdmail.org
    4. Enter the temporary password that is on the board
    5. Cick “sign in”
    6. Complete the remaining sign-up steps on the screen.
    7. Change your password and write it somewhere safe so you do not forget it.

Create a Folder for English

  1. At the top of your screen (once you have logged in), you should see “Documents” or “Drive”. Click on whichever one you see.
  2. You are now in Google Drive. Click “create” and pull down to “folder” (top left). If you see an option for "collection", this is the same thing as a folder. Click this option.

3. This folder is where you will store all your writing for English. This will be like a drop box for all your English assignments. You and I will both have access to anything you put in this folder.
  • You will be prompted to name your folder. It is very important that you name your folder exactly as is shown below, or I won’t be able to find it.
  • Naming Format: Class Last name First name English 9CP or 9H
  • Example: 4 Jones Sam English 9CP
    • Please make sure you insert a space between each word.
  • Every time you login to Google Drive, you will see this folder listed on the left-hand menu bar.

Share Your Folder with Ms. Finnegan

  1. After you have named your folder, you will see it listed on the left-hand side of your screen when you are logged into Google Drive.
  2. Right click the folder and select “Share”.
  3. A box will pop up where you can enter email addresses of people who should have access. Where it says “Add people”, enter finnegan.masco@gmail.com (You will be asked if you are sure you want to share with me. Click "yes")
  4. Make sure “can edit” is selected to the right of this box.
  5. Click “Share and save”
  6. I now have access! Anything you put in this folder will now be available to me. This will be your portfolio for your English work this year.

Create a New Drawing

For your first assignment in Google Drive, you and your Quarter 1 partner will be creating a collaborative character collage! You will both work on the same Google Drawing to create a collage for one of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. (After you complete the steps below, you will be able to review the assignment details.)
*Choose ONE person to create the drawing. You do not both need to do this.*

  1. Click the red “create” button in Google Drive
  2. Pull down to “Drawing”
  3. You now have a blank drawing. The first thing you should always do is name your document correctly. This is extremely important so I can locate your work.
    1. Do this by clicking at the top of your drawing where it says “Untitled Drawing”. You will now be able to change the title.
  4. Format for Saving Work: Class Last name First name Assignment name
    1. Save this assignment as: Class Last name 1 Last Name 2 TKAM Partner Collage
  5. After you name it correctly, click the icon next to the title. You will now be given a list of your folders and you will be able to choose where this drawing should go. Select your English folder and check the box next to it. Then, click “Apply changes”
    1. Your document is now in your English folder. You do not have to print, email, or put it back into this folder when you are done. Your work will automatically be updated with each change you make!
  6. Now, you have a blank drawing to work on. However, your partner needs access to it so he/she can edit. You will need to SHARE this drawing with that person.
    1. Get your partner's Masco Google account.
    2. On the top right of the drawing, you will see the blue "share" button.
    3. Click this button and enter your partner's Google account.
    4. Make sure "can edit" is checked off.
    5. Save changes and close this box. The drawing will now appear under "items shared with me" in your partner's account.